Gifted deposit

Deed of Gift is a formal legal document used to give a gift of property or money to another person. It transfers the money or ownership of property (or share in a property) to another person without payment is demanded in return.

Generally, most Deed of Gift transfers are carried out between family members as property transferred in this way is usually given out of the love and affection the giver has for the recipient.

Transferring property or money by way of gift must be executed as a Deed we will draft this for you.
The document has to be witnessed. Please note that the witnesses have to be disinterested parties. In other words they cannot have a stake in the transfer of the property. If a witness stands to benefit or take a loss because of the transfer of the property, then cannot be considered disinterested and cannot act as a witness

what do I require?

Signed Deed of Gift (from mum or dad)
We will prepare a Deed of gift for you within 24 hours, contact us below What ID is needed from those gifting?​
Passport or Drivers licence
Proof of address- copy bank statement or utility bill​How to confirm proof of funds (where the gift came from)?
3 – 6 months copy bank statements
Trust/stock shares statement
Copy Will (if inheritance)